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Dr. Rick's Health Tip of the Month

November 2001

Wonder what your posture looks like?
Here are two methods of checking.

By Dr. Rick Allen, DC

Tip - Low-tech: Have a friend take photo while standing in front of a mirror and plumb line.

High-tech: Have your chiropractor perform a computerized postural assessment.

Wonder what slumping, forward head posture does to your neck and back? Try holding a bowling ball, then tipping it forward just a couple of inches. Imagine the same heavy stress constantly pulling at your neck and back year after year. Arghh!!

More details are given in this month's wellness article. Keep on dancing tall!

Dancer JoEllen Jarvis demonstrates Dr. Rick's posture assessment grid below.

JoEllen Jarvis dance posture JoEllen Jarvis dance posture-side
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