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Dr. Rick's Health Tip of the Month

July 2001

Western Dance Boots

By Rick Allen, DC

Seven Keys to a Good Western Dance Boot

There are seven factors that I consider keys to a good Western dance boot:

Western Boot illustration
  1. Upper portion of boot - Soft genuine garment leather uppers.

  2. Outsoles - Non-marring split leather outsoles.

  3. Shank - Boots are offered in two styles to suit individual needs: steel shank for support and no shank for flexibility. This is a personal preference.

  4. Insole - The insole must be supportive, yet have enough cushion to be comfortable. Evenin' Star Pro Dance Boots "feature Twin Sole Engineering (TSE) comfort system features a double layered cushion insole that is built in. The Poron urethane cushion pillows the feet while protecting not only your feet but joints too against the constant pounding they receive by extended on-your-feet activity. The Cambrelle covered insole helps to keep the feet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It breathes to let air in and moisture out. The entire insole dries quickly resisting foot odor and mildew. Cambrelle linings are found only in the finest footwear and is known for long lasting durability."

  5. Counter - As with any shoe or boot, the counter should be solid and built straight on the heel.

  6. Heel - The heel is hollow to reduce weight. Both men's and women's heels are typically 1-1/2 ".

  7. Fit - The counter should be snug, the longitudinal and metatarsal arches should feel supportive, and there should be room for toe movement. The boot may be snug at first. Ask your salesperson how much the boots will stretch.

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