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Dance / Theater Chiropractic

Dr. Allen with lead faerie Dr. Allen with cast

Dr. Allen has volunteered to help both the Portland Center Stage and the Oregon Symphony.

When the lead faerie in the PCS production of A Midsummer's Night Dream fell from a trapeze, Dr. Allen helped him recover without missing a performance (pictured).

Accolades from Portland Center Stage:

Portland Center Stage letter

November 7, 1994

Dear Dr. Allen:

On behalf of the Portland Center Stage company and Board of Directors, I am pleased to acknowledge your in-kind Business Partner contribution. We are very grateful for your support in this, our seventh season of residency in the Intermediate Theatre of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts.

Portland Center Stage Business Partner Certificate In these challenging times when the needs of the local community are diverse and extensive, we are very grateful for your commitment to helping a young and exciting urban theater company maintain its reputation of excellence, produce an engaging season of provocative drama, and reach out to the community's youth and other under-served populations in an effort to make the arts accessible and important to everyone. We are so glad you have chosen to help us in this endeavor!


Kevin Kelly
Chair, Board of Directors
Portland Center Stage

Remember -- proper muscle balance, structural alignment and neurological function are crucial for optimum performance. Whether you want to win a race or just have more enjoyment in your sport, you will benefit from chiropractic and myofascial care on a regular basis.

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