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Swimming Chiropractic

Dr. Allen treating swimmer
Dr. Allen with swimmers Dr. Allen has treated swimmers in the Northwest for more than six years. He worked with the Oregon State Champion Lake Oswego Swim Club (pictured) and has volunteered at masters swim meets throughout the state.

Right: Dr. Allen, second from left, with swimmers.

1998 Nike World Master's Games - Swimming Competition

Dr. Rick and Nike Medalist Dr. Rick and Nike Medalists Dr. Rick giving treatment [ Nike World Master's games 98 logo]

September 1998

"I sure miss your treatments and massages."

Don Baker, medalist, Nike 1998 World Masters Games

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Acceptance into US Swimming Sports Medicine Society:

USSSMS Acceptance Letter

October 23, 1995

Dear Dr. Allen:

Welcome, your application for membership in United States Swimming's Sports Medicine Society has been accepted.

In the Spring of 1996, you will be receiving a Sports Medicine Society Directory. You should also be receiving Splash, the United States Swimming magazine, as a benefit of your USS membership.

Membership in United States Swimming must be current to receive these items and maintain your membership in the Sports Medicine Society. Please remember to renew your membership in December each year.

Again, welcome to the Society. If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at (719) 578-4720.

Dr. Allen treating swimmer


Cindy L. Hayes
ICAR Assistant
United States Swimming
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909-5770

Remember -- proper muscle balance, structural alignment and neurological function are crucial for optimum performance. Whether you want to win a race or just have more enjoyment in your sport, you will benefit from chiropractic and myofascial care on a regular basis.
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