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Health Development - Four Questions:

Most people are very concerned about their health history. In fact, every doctor you have ever been to seems very concerned about your health history. But, what about your health present? What about your health future? The lifestyle changes you make during your health present determine your health future and isn't your health future more important? Indeed, you can do more about your health future than your past.

  1. What are your three greatest health concerns at this time?







  2. What specifically would you like your health to develop into in the next year? How would it look if you could have it exactly the way you wanted?




  3. If your health became just like you described it, how would you benefit?




  4. What do you feel are the major obstacles standing in your way? (Be specific)




Additional Key Health Development Questions

What would happen if you ran your health like successful business people run their business? Chances are your health would improve.So here are the key health development questions:

Note : To insure the best results in developing your health, I recommend that you write down your answers and bring them to your initial consultation.

--Dr. Rick Allen.

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