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Posture and Heath Computerized Assessment and Correction

Posture: The Window to the Spine

It is said that posture is the window to the spine. Poor posture leads to reduced mobility, general stiffness and chronic problems. The center of balance is often shifted several inches forward, causing extra strain on the muscles of the neck and back, leading to such as headache, back, neck and shoulder pain. The accompanying sunken chest and compressed abdominal cavity causes interference with breathing and digestion. The nervous system, which controls every cell in your body, cannot operate at an optimal level. You may be tired because of the extra energy you use just to stand up! Obviously, you're not your 100% best. You might call it--"Living xx percent dead."

Becoming Aware of Postural Faults

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Surprisingly, even though the problems can be debilitating, many people are unaware of how poor their posture is. That's because the change is a slow process that has created the problems over a long time. Photographic evidence serves as a wake-up call for many of my patients that finally goads them to take the action necessary to make a positive change.

Getting a Baseline

To make a change you first must get a handle on your current situation. While the simple, low-tech methods of assessing posture can give you an overview of the problem, I prefer a computerized posture analysis for my patients who are serious about making a change. A set of photographs with markers at key points on the body is taken with a digital camera and fed into a sophisticated computer program for analysis. The resulting computerized postural analysis gives you a safe, non-invasive, scientifically accurate biomechanical baseline in just 15 minutes for only $35.

Developing a Corrective Exercise Program

The Biotonix program that I use in my office optionally generates a 10-week set of specific exercises that empowers you to improve your posture and your health for just $65 more. Upon completion of the exercises, another photo is taken and the computer makes a comparison. This process can be repeated safely until you have reached your best possible posture.

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A Testimonial / More Testimonials

Hi, Dr. Rick--
I just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the Biotonix stretching program you prescribed for me. It takes about 12 to 15 minutes a day to do--I usually do it in the late afternoon or early evening to relax after spending time at the computer. In addition to the long-term postural improvement I hope for, I think the stretches have the immediate benefit of loosening my neck and shoulder muscles and relieving tension. I plan to stick with the program!
--Rebecca Stefoff

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