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Cycle Oregon Article

Cycle Oregon

Dr. Allen has provided quality chiropractic and massage care to a wide variety of bicyclists, from weekend athletes to professional racers. He has been part of the multidisciplinary healthcare team treating bicyclists on Cycle Oregon, an annual bicycling trek across Oregon, for ten years (pictured).

Cycle Oregon Quarters

A Satisfied Customer, Cycle Oregon X (1997) :

Mon, 15 Sep 1997


Thank you, Rick, for making my Cycle Oregon X odyssey as painless as possible. This bicycle adventure covered over 500 miles in seven days horizontally and over 25,000 feet vertically. A 100-mile day over the 5,300-foot McKenzie Pass was included. The Rider Handbook recommended that we prepare by cycling over 750 miles during the summer. Unfortunately, I only did 360 miles in preparation and only one of my training rides reached the 73-mile average for the trip. So, I expected some pain and suffering along with the adventure.

Dr. Allen treating - askew

When I finally arrived at the registration hall in Nyssa at the eastern border of Oregon, I saw that there were about 20 people offering massage therapy and booking appointments for the coming week. I prefer a deep massage and I picked you because you looked to be the strongest physically.

Little did I know that I had chosen a licensed chiropractor as well.

The first day of was very hot and by the end of the 75-mile I was feeling faint and my legs were sore. That night, you gave me my first treatment. To my amazement and delight, I really didn't feel any great discomfort the next day. My legs just got stronger as the trip progressed across Oregon toward the ocean. You even had me dancing at the end of the 100-mile day. And that neck adjustment you gave me removed the kink caused by my helmet-mounted rear view mirror.

Naturally, I would strongly recommend your services anyone and especially to participants of future Cycle Oregon tours.

--Carl Kelley

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A note of praise:

November 2, 1993

Dear Richard:

Dr. Allen treating cyclist

I would like to take this time to congratulate you on your involvement with Cycle Oregon. As a chiropractic physician myself, I am excited to see the chiropractic community being utilized in such a fashion.

As a member of the executive board of the Chiropractors Association of Oregon, I look forward to serving you in the future. Please feel free to contact me at any time at (503) 226-0950.

Lawrence K. Nelson, DC, C.E.O.
Portland Rehabilitation
S.W. Macadam Avenue, Suite 143
Portland, Oregon 97201

Cycle Oregon Camp Overview Hay! We're Glad You're Here

Remember -- proper muscle balance, structural alignment and neurological function are crucial for optimum performance. Whether you want to win a race or just have more enjoyment in your sport, you will benefit from chiropractic and myofascial care on a regular basis.

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