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Dr. Allen provides a wide range of hands-on healing for his patients.

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Benefits of Chiropractic

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Computerized Postural and Neuromuscular Screening
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Our holistic philosopy of health care encourages patients to participate in partnership with the physician and therapist to regain and maintain good health.

We aim to identify the source of your problem with a thorough evaluation and aid in its healing using an appropriate combination of natural healing techniques. These include myotherapy and chiropractic techniques, nutrition and exercise.

We can teach a partner simple, safe and effective stretching and massage techniques which can be done with you at home to speed the healing process and maintain optimum health for a lifetime.

We consult with medical physicians and other health professionals to bring you the most beneficial combination of treatments possible. Acupuncture, naturopathy, allopathic medicine occupational therapy and other health services may be arranged when desired.

We invite you to participate in regaining and maintaining your own good health.

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Services Offered:

Dr. Allen treating low backPostural Assessment and Correction

Chronic pain is the result of long-term build up of major and minor injuries and stress. Joints in the neck back, back, pelvis, arms and legs are especially susceptible. Most patients respond well to our treatment programs. By addressing spinal, pelvic, and extremity structure, we work toward long-term improvement: pain free posture.

Dr. Allen treating pregnant womanPre- and Post- Birth Treatment

Women undergo trememdous biomechanical changes during pregnancy. Our programs, and specifically designed treatment tables, can help you achieve a more comfortable, healthier delivery and post-natal recovery. We can also review your nutrition and life style to achieve optimum health for you and your baby.

Dr. Allen treating kneeAthletic Injury Treatment and Prevention

Athletic activity often leads to acute and chronic problems. Our assessment, myotherapy, adjustment, stretching and exercise programs can make a noticeable difference to any active individual from the recreational/fitness participant to the Olympic Athlete. We will help you train more easily and improve your overall performance. View our Sports Information Pages

Physical Examinations for Athletic Teams

Dr. Allen is available to examine players to determine eligibility to play.

Dr. Allen treating elbowPediatric and Adolescent Treatment

Chlidren in their formative years generally respond well to preventative treatment. Additionally, they can enjoy the benefits of improved performance in sports, dance and other physical activities.

Dr. Allen treating neck Accident and Injury Treatment

Vehicle and Industrial Accident Treatment and Prevention. Our goal is to restore normal structural alignment and pain free movement as nearly as possible. We will design a unique strengthening program which you can start under our supervision in the clinic and continue at home. We will get you back on the road or job as fast as possible. We can also review the ergonomics of employee work areas, making suggestions to prevent recurrent injuries. Our treatment programs are approved and accepted by most insurance carriers.

Dr. Allen treating achillesPost Fracture Rehabilitation

In cooperation with your medical doctor, using gentle techniques and, whenever possible, break-away casts, our programs help to maintain strength and reduce atrophy in the injured limb, allowing you to move with less pain much sooner after the cast is removed.

Presentations Available

Dr. Rick Allen is available to speak to your group up to an hour on any of the following topics:

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Dr. Rick Allen is a chiropractor, massage therapist and dance student who is located in Trout Lake Washington. Dr. Rick welcomes your questions and suggestions for future articles. However, he cannot make specific diagnoses or treatment recommendations unless you visit him in person. He can be reached by phone at 509-395-0024 in Trout Lake email or on the World Wide Web: www.CascadeWellnessClinic.com

DISCLAIMER: The information included in this website is meant to encourage thinking concerning choices of care for and insight pertaining to possible causes of various problems. It is not a prescription for or diagnosis of any disease or condition. Suggestions are based on the assumption by the writer that a thorough examination was done previously and the reader is under care by a healthcare professional. This information is not a substitute for a live doctor.

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