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  • March 2004. What's a fun and effective way to shed the extra pounds you may have put on during the holidays?

  • December 2003. Which weight loss program works best?

  • November 2003. What is an additional benefit of dancing?

  • September 2003. How can my dog help keep me healthier?

  • August 2003. Should I stretch before and after dancing?

  • June 2003. What are the causes of pigeon toes?

  • April 2003. What is a bunion and how can you prevent them from forming?

  • December 2002. What are the cause, treatment and best means of preventing painful groin pulls?

  • November 2002. Can the bones of the foot subluxate? Can this effect your dancing? Can a chiropractor help correct it?

  • October 2002. What's the best "diet" to maintain a healthy body?

  • September 2002. Can supplementation with glucosamine and chondroitin help keep my joints healthy and pain free?

  • August 2002. How much faster can you recover from injury using enzyme therapy?

  • June 2002. What new therapy has NASA found to speed healing of injuries?

  • May 2002. How can chiropractic improve my sense of balance?

  • April 2002. How can I develop better balance?

  • March 2002. How important is our sense of balance?

  • February 2002. What is a trigger point?

  • January 2002. Is forward head posture (FHP) common? Is it normal? Is it healthy?

  • December 2001. Why is stretching important?

  • November 2001. Why shouldn't I "crack" my own neck?

  • October 2001. What are the effects of stress?

  • September 2001. What happens when we slouch?

  • August 2001. Why do we slouch?

  • July 2001. How can you boost your energy level so you can enjoy life more?

  • June 2001. Why is the proper curve of the neck so important?

  • May 2001. What's the cheapest form of "health insurance"?

  • April 2001. Do chiropractors treat feet?

  • March 2001. What is the purpose of pain?

  • February 2001. How has the role of chiropractic changed in the last 25 years?

  • January 2001. When is the best time to start Chiropractic care?

  • December 2000. Eyes, Hair, Teeth & Spine - What do these have in common?

  • November 2000. What makes the "pop" of an adjustment?

  • October 2000. Should you turn off the smoke alarm or put out the fire?

  • September 2000. Why do kids love chiropractic?

  • August 2000. Birds = "S" and Humans = "C"?

  • July 2000. How is a nerve like a phone line?

  • June 2000. What symptoms did the first Chiropractic patient have?

  • May 2000. If you vomit, are you sick or well?

  • April 2000. What is the first symptom of ...?

  • March 2000. What interests chiropractic doctors the most?

  • February 2000. What is the vertebral subluxation complex? What are three basic causes of subluxations? What are the effects of subluxations? Why should I be checked for a subluxation by a chiropractor?

  • January 2000. Is the "common cold" really common? Why or why not?

  • December 1999. What controls every cell, tissue, organ, and system in the body?

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