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Dr. Rick's Monthly Question

October 2001


What are the effects of stress?


Stress can overwhelm the body with a "fight or flight" response. Adrenaline increases to prepare our muscles and energy systems to respond to danger, be it real or perceived. Digestion and repair processes are put on hold. And, very importantly from a chiropractic perspective, you may develop spinal subluxations.

There are three basic causes of subluxations:

Physical stess - trauma, like a car accident, the birth process, slipping and falling, or sitting for long periods of time. Emotional stress - worry, fear or anger. Environmental stress - toxins, pollution, chemical imbalances, alcohol and drugs.

Which one or combination of these three do you think may have caused subluxations in your spine?

Because the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC) affects the function of your nervous system, it affects every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. You may say that "my neck is stiff" or "my back is out," thinking only of the function of muscles and bones. In reality, nervous system impairment can increase your susceptibility to disease and ill health. Clearly, the VSC may be one of the most common, yet overlooked sources of health problems.

The detection, reduction, and prevention of the VSC is the unique domain of the Doctor of Chiropractic. If you suspect that you, or someone you know, may be suffering from subluxation, contact a chiropractor near you. If you are in the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, I would be happy to examine your spine and, if subluxations are present, outline a treatment plan to reduce stress and subluxations.

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