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Healthy Hints

"Ask, Seek and Knock - Your doorway to natural health will open."

Spring 1998 Newsletter

This Issue:

Nutrients First!

Choosing Natural Herbs and Food Instead of Pharmaceuticals

By Rick Allen, DC

Most of my patients say they are interested in natural care to stay healthy. That's why they choose chiropractic as part of their total wellness care. With that in mind, have you investigated for yourself the nutritional and herbal alternatives to prescription drugs?

According to Parris Kidd, Ph.D., "an ever-expanding volume of research from our best universities and hospitals indicates that most of the 'big killers' - heart and other circulatory diseases, cancers, degenerative nervous system diseases - are caused mainly by poor lifestyle and by contamination of the body by toxic substances."

A Healing Revolution

Mainstream researchers are now validating the concepts that pioneering nutritional-holistic doctors have known for years: most cases of ill-health or diagnosed disease can be solved by supplementation with nutrients, clearance of pollutants and other toxins from the body, and reduction of stress.

This is the same message I personally learned studying with Bernard Jensen, D.C., N.D., Ph.D., at his health ranch in Escondido, California. It is the same message I have heard locally from my close friend and colleague, Chuck Goldberg, M.D. It is the same message you may have read in the popular books by Andrew Weil, M.D. If you were lucky, it was the same message given to you by your parents!

When this health management approach is integrated into our lifestyles and daily activities, particularly with the inclusion of exercise and spiritual development, the overall level of health in the United States will be positively revolutionized.

Take a Personal Inventory

Where do you start? Dr. Kidd suggests you start first by taking a personal inventory: food, exercise and drugs you currently use. Remember the over-the-counter drugs we take for granted, such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Make a list of what you eat and drink for a week. I'd be happy to review it with you. Together, we can come up with suggestions for overall improvement and an integrated wellness plan.

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Educate Yourself

Next, educate yourself about drugs and nutrients. Many of my patients are reading the Better Life Institute's (BLI) booklets on health. I have made these available for just $2.00 each. Some have gone a step further by taking the BLI Nutritional Health Assessment questionnaire. It's just $9.95.

Check with Your Providers

Ask your medical doctor and pharmacist about the side effects of medications you take. If need be, I can connect you with a consulting pharmacist. Take an active role by asking about natural alternatives. For instance, nettle root and saw palmetto give comparable benefits and far fewer adverse effects than prescription medication for treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), a cause of excessive urination in men. Another example is using glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates instead of ibuprofen to help the body repair injured joints naturally. This has personally helped two of my patients with knee injuries.

Spread the Word

Lastly, spread the word with those you know. What a joy to share the gift of good, natural health. Parents, how about helping your kids grow up healthy and drug free? Kids, how about educating your parents? Perhaps you'll be like science teacher Herb Hieman of Ashland, Oregon. He joined forces with other teachers, school administrators, parents, students, and food service representatives to implement EarthSave's Healthy School Lunch Program at the Talent Middle School.

Get Started Today

Are you inspired to begin or continue your personalized health program? You will have more energy and feel better. I'll be glad to advise and encourage you along the way.

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A change for the better! New treatment options.

More Affordable Wellness Care

I'm always looking for ways to improve my services. Recently, I realized one way to do that is to offer you a broader range of treatment options, including "wellness care tune-ups". Why not reward folks who just need a "tune-up" with a more affordable rate? This would be for regular care to keep folks in optimum health. It would be a shorter visit, say up to 30 minutes, incorporating an adjustment and brief soft tissue massage for $35. The shorter time would allow people with tight schedules to get preventative care.

For those of you who prefer or need more extensive massage and thorough treatment, my rate will continue to be $45 for a complete visit. Patients with a new injury will still require a careful history and examination and the more extensive treatment of a complete visit.

By keeping my overhead low and having payment at the time of service, I am able to offer these options to you in a time of rising health care costs. I want to serve you better and continue to make my services available to a wide range of people. Your feedback is welcomed. Thank you for your support and referrals. Give me a call today to discuss qualifying for wellness care.

Wellness Care Options:

Chiropractic adjustment
Nutritional, exercise suggestions
Up to 45 minutes
Chiropractic adjustment
Brief massage
Brief self-care suggestions
Up to 30 minutes
Chiropractic adjustment
Up to 20 minutes

Maintain your body as you would your car...
Get a wellness "tune-up" regularly.

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From the American Chiropractic Association:

Nutritional Tidbits

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[ Oregonian article featuring Dr. Rick ]

Dr. Rick In the News

"The key to long-term health is a proper balance - physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual."

Dr. Rick Allen, The Oregonian, 3/8/98
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