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Fall 2001 Newsletter

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As the twig grows into a tree,
so does the body grow
from child to adult.
Chiropractic care can help your
body grow right and function optimally.

This Issue:

Discovery Channel Discovers
Dr. Allen this Fall –
Call or check Web for Details!

October is National Spinal Health Month –

Dr. Allen Helping to Turn the Tide

Strong back photo Back pain is pervasive among American adults, but a new and disturbing trend is emerging among the nation's youth. Young children are suffering from back pain much earlier, mostly due to a combination of overweight back packs, poorly designed computer workstations, and lack of exercise. The situation is epidemic. As a community service this October during National Spinal Health Month in association with the American Chiropractic Association, Dr. Allen will be visiting schools and community groups teaching children, parents, teachers and school administrators how to take steps to help stop this trend. Call Dr. Allen today to arrange a free 15 to 30 minute talk and demonstration on posture, ergonomics and/or backpacks for your family, your child's school or your community group.

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Myra Perala Stands Tall – Again!

Myra before photo Myra after photo

Long-time patient Myra Perala has had her share of tough times, including a fall that required orthopedic surgery for her leg, but her spirit is strong. She always kept telling me that she would stand tall again. Well, it took several months of work to loosen her psoas muscle with a special myofascial release technique to achieve the results you see in these posture photographs. Now in the rebuilding stage, Myra continues to get regular chiropractic care and do her stretches and exercises at the Y. "I go to Dr. Allen because I am pleased with his healing hands. He knows what to do. His advice is pragmatic and valuable. He's helped me so much." Thanks, Myra.

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Barbara Larrain on bike photo Portland resident to compete in Hawaii Ironman Triathalon

On Saturday Oct 6, Cheer long-time patient Barbara Larrain on to a personal best as she competes in the Hawaii Ironman triathalon!

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Gregg Andrews photo Thanks to artist and patient Gregg Andrews for redecorating the clinic.

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Quick Tips. Useful Insights. Practical Solutions.

Free Wellness Workshops Every Thursday

Dr. Allen's free 1/2 Hour to Health is now 6:15 to 6:45 PM Thursdays each week. Empower your life naturally with chiropractic knowledge and care. Seating is limited. Call 503/257-1324 or e-mail Dr. Rick to reserve your spot.

Bring a Friend!
Refreshments Served!

Sept 6No class: Dr. Allen attending a seminar on nutrition and neurology.
Sept 13No class: Dr. Allen attending a seminar on chiropractic toggle techniques.
Sept 20New Patient Orientation. Excellent multimedia presentation for both new and existing patients.
Sept 27No class: New Health is a Process I am very impressed with this presentation developed by Dr. Hoffman.
Oct 4

Stand Tall. Kicking off National Spinal Health Month The importance of good posture.

Ongoing during Oct.: Spinal Health Month Backpack Safety presentations to families, schools and community groups.

Oct 11Chiropractic Science: Why Chiropractic Works Presented in simple, understandable terms.
Oct 18No class: Dr. Allen attending a seminar on micro-current techniques.
Oct 25Alternative Treatment of Ear Infections. A "must see" for families with infants and small kids.
Nov. 1Patient Orientation. Excellent multimedia presentation for both new and existing patients.
Nov. 8Healthy Holiday Tips. Including delicious, healthy holiday food.
Nov. 15No class: Dr. Allen attending a seminar on the lumbar spine.
Nov. 22No class: Thanksgiving Holiday.

Top of the world graphic Stay on top of the world–starting with chiropractic wellness care!

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Time for a Chiropractic Checkup?

  • How often do you have your teeth checked?

  • How often do you have your eyes checked?

  • How often do you have your spine checked?

– We all differ – Ask Dr. Allen for individual advice

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Dr. Rick's Resource Center

Power Golf Training Manual and Video Combo

Man on Exercise Ball

Do you want to improve your golf game? Get on the ball ! Internationally recognized experts Paul Chek, HHP and Neil Wolkodoff, you highly recommended Swiss Ball workout techniques that help you drive the ball farther and play more consistently.

Get on the ball for better golf!

All books and videos loaned free of charge. Some titles available for purchase.

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