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Summer 2001 Newsletter

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As the twig grows into a tree, so does the body grow
from child to adult. Chiropractic care can help your
body grow right and function optimally.

This Issue:

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Now Available-The Technology that helped Dan O'Brien win the Olympic Gold can help you

Computerized Postural and Neuromuscular Screening

Nervous system and postural stress wreak long-term havoc with most Americans. The best solution is a combination of chiropractic wellness care, therapeutic massage, and a personalized exercise program.

As an introduction, during the months of June and July, Dr. Allen will be offering this new, state-of-the-art diagnostic computer screening of your nervous system, muscle tension, and posture for just $45--the price of one regular visit and half of the usual charge. As a further value-added service, for just an additional $25, he will develop a customized 10-week exercise program to help correct any postural faults that are detected. This, too, is being offered at half the usual price.

Below left: Scans of skin temperature and muscle activity give an insight into the function of the nervous system.

Below right: Posture photographs with computer analysis give a clear picture of stress. Combining these tools with a thorough chiropractic examination enables Dr. Allen to give patients a better treatment plan.

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Kids Day America

Coming in September...

On Saturday, September 22, 12-3:00 PM--Chiropractic offices worldwide will participate in the seventh annual "Kids Day America/International," a Health, Safety, and Environmental Awareness Day. Dr. Allen will be hosting the event locally for the city of Portland. Details forthcoming. Volunteers are needed to help--please call.

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Chiropractic Saves Mom's Visit to Oregon

Progress Documented with Insight Millennium

Photo of Patricia Harkness

Patricia Harkness, pictured at right, was referred to me by her chiropractor in Nebraska while she was visiting her daughter in Portland. She had been suffering from constant, extreme pain shooting from her left upper back and shoulder blade down her left arm since falling off a ladder four months ago. She was taking heavy doses of the painkiller Neurontin and anti-inflammatory Celebrex without any relief. Patricia told me that she "feared addition or damage to her kidneys and liver." Intensive care was required to reverse this situation quickly! Patricia's condition was reversed in five visits in less than one week with a combination of massage, safe enzymes and anti-inflammatory herbs, and chiropractic adjustment of the underlying rib and neck subluxations. She was given instructions on a home care exercise program to reverse the postural faults found with Dr. Allen's new computerized analysis. She started improving her diet. She returned to Nebraska as a happy camper, where she will follow up with her doctor.

Below, see how Patricia's dramatic improvement shows on the muscle scans! To the left is the "before" to the right is the "after."

Harkness -before- scan Harkness -after- scan

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Quick Tips. Useful Insights. Practical Solutions.

Free Wellness Workshops Every Thursday

Dr. Allen's free1/2 Hour to Health is now 6:15 to 6:45 PM Thursdays each week. Empower your life naturally with chiropractic knowledge and care. Seating is limited. Call503/257-1324 or e-mail drrick @ to reserve your spot.

Bring a Friend!
Refreshments Served!

June 7Five Steps to Getting the Most Out of Summer
June 14Immune System Enhancement
June 21Special Presentation at Association of Home Businesses in Sellwood: "Conquering Common Office Problems-Headaches, Backaches, & Carpal Tunnel." Call for details.
June 28No Class: Dr. Allen will be attending a workshop on craniosacral therapy
July 5New Program-Health is a Process, Not an Event.
July 12Boost Your Energy by 200%
July 19Changing Concepts in Arthritis
July 26No class: Dr. Rick will be at conference
Aug. 2Stand Tall!
Aug. 9AMA Secrets
Aug. 16Rocket Fuel Food
Aug. 23Breaking Free from Sinus Problems & Allergies
Aug. 30Backpack Safety-Bring your back pack for a check up

Get the most out of your summer-starting with chiropractic wellness care!

Top | Bottom Fit for Life book cover

Dr. Rick's Resource Center

Fit for Life

by Harvey & Marylyn Diamond-Robust.

Healthy chiropractic patient Bill Kaiser found this to be "a great book," that gives suggestions and recipes to indeed be fit for life.

Benefits that he has noticed are improved digestion, increased energy and weight loss down to a trim ideal weight naturally without drugs. You may borrow it and associated video from Dr. Allen.

All books and videos loaned free of charge. Some titles available for purchase.

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