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Spring 2001 Newsletter

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As the twig grows into a tree, so does the body grow
from child to adult. Chiropractic care can help your
body grow right and function optimally.

This Issue:

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Chiropractic Miracles?

Dr. Allen is gathering patient's stories for author Mark Victor Hansen's next best selling book Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul. Got one?

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Be Headache Free

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Do you have headaches? Do you know someone who does? Would you like to be headache free? Duke University recently concluded a study that found the chiropractic was effective in relieving tension headaches. The chiropractic approach to being free from headaches is to find the origin of the headache--the "overloaded fuse"--and correct it so that your body's natural, innate healing ability can take over.

For folks that develop the all-too-common stiff neck, aching back and throbbing, pounding, stabbing headaches from working at the computer, my chiropractic strategy is to correct muscle and spinal dysfunction with massage and chiropractic adjustment, change improper ergonomics, and give specific stretches that fight the usual forward-head posture. It worked like a charm for Meda Chiara! And it avoids the detrimental and sometimes fatal effects of pain medications.

Meda Chiara, right, is smiling again, now that her headaches have been relieved by Dr. Allen.

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Kids Day America

On Saturday, September 22, 12-3:00 PM--Chiropractic offices worldwide will participate in the seventh annual "Kids Day America/International," a Health, Safety, and Environmental Awareness Day. Dr. Allen will be hosting the event locally for the city of Portland. Details forthcoming. Volunteers are needed to help--please call.

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Quick Tips. Useful Insights. Practical Solutions.

Free Wellness Workshops Every Thursday

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Dr. Allen's free1/2 Hour to Health is now 6:15 to 6:45 PM Thursdays each week. Empower your life naturally with chiropractic knowledge and care. Seating is limited. Call503/257-1324 or e-mail drrick @ to reserve your spot.

Bring a Friend!
Refreshments Served!

(Mary Lou Griffith, left, enjoys a meal she prepared at a wellness workshop on healthy nuitrition. Mary Lou will co-host the dinner on April 12th with Dr. Allen.)

April 5Back Pack Safety-Bring your back pack for a check up
April 12Delicious Sit-down Dinner with Nutritious, Home-Cooked Food Mary Lou Griffith will join Dr. Allen in hosting a special evening at the home of Jack and Carol Young. Limited to 8 people. Reservations required. Cost: $7 if paid by 4/5, $12 at the door. Dinner from 6:15 to 8:00 PM.
April 19NO CLASS--Join Dr. Allen at the Lecture at First Unitarian Church downtown by EarthSave Founder John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America. Call 503/224-7380 x4 for more information or to volunteer to help.
April 26Why Supplement? Picking nutritional supplements wisely
May 3AMA Secrets Revealed-Learn how Chester Wilke fought the AMA and won!
May 10Headaches--Drug-free Discoveries
May 24High Blood Pressure Control without Drugs
May 31Achieving the Best Recovery from a Car Crash Wellness Works Wonders!

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Wondering about the potential side-effects of your prescription drugs?

Ask Dr. Allen to print out a drug reference sheet for your blood pressure medication, pain pills, or behavior modifying drugs, such as Ritalin. Make an informed decision.

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Don't Drop the Baby!

Approximately 50 percent of all infants are accidentally dropped in their first year of life. That's an alarming figure, and occurs most commonly when the infant is on a changing table, bed or couch. What can you do to prevent spinal trauma from a fall?

  • Never leave their child unattended on the couch or bed, even if it's for 30 seconds to answer the telephone.
  • Change their infant on the floor. This is also ergonomically better for the adult spine.

If your baby is injured, be sure to have him or her professionally evaluated by your chiropractor. Dr. Allen is specially trained in treating infants and young children.

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