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Winter 2000 Newsletter

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"Conventional medical treatment of patients with
whiplash symptoms is disappointing"
--M. N. Woodward, et al. in the professional journal Injury

This Issue:
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Be careful when you ski or snowboard.
Good chiropractic treatment will help
if you are injured. Great chiropractic
care will help keep you from being
injured -- Ask Dr. Allen how.

Optimal Recovery from a Car Accident

Beyond Relief of Pain

By Richard Allen, D.C.

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Crash! In an instant your life is turned upside down. Your car has just been hit and you are hurt. You are suffering from cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) injury, commonly called a "whiplash." You want relief from pain! If you are smart and thinking long-term, you also want to go beyond just the relief of pain. You need to completely restore the healthy function of your injured neck and back. Dr. Allen has taken post-graduate courses in rehabilitation for accidents and spinal restoration and can help you achieve that goal.

Ian Garbutt photo

Right: Ian Garbutt, seen here with black eyes shortly after being injured, has come to Dr. Allen for help after two motor vehicle accidents. He's doing much better--thanks to a multidisciplinary team of helath care providers arranged by Dr. Allen.

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baloons graphic Happy New Year! Make It A Healthy One!

If you are like most of us, you'll be using this special time of the year to reflect and renew. Many of us decide to break old, unhealthy habits. Others resolve to take better care of themselves, improve their diets, lose some weight or begin an exercise program.

Before you begin an exercise program, make sure your routine won't put wear and tear on malfunctioning spinal joints! Even without obvious symptoms, improper spinal function can diminish the benefits of a toning and strengthening exercise routine.

Stop by for a chiropractic checkup and see what's new. Get the New Year off to a healthy start. Call for an appointment now.

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Guest Column

Injured and Lost in the Maze of Insurance

By Peter J. Mozena, Attorney at Law

For a person injured in an automobile accident, there are many sources of insurance benefits from which you can seek compensation for your loss: your health insurance, the worker's compensation insurance if you were injured on the job, the liability insurance of anyone who might have been at fault for the collision, and your own automobile insurance that can include personal injury protection (PIP), comprehensive, collision coverage, and uninsured or underinsured coverage. This can seem unnecessarily confusing.

tow truck graphic Several of these are "no-fault" insurance coverage: worker's compensation, health insurance, and the PIP portion of your automobile insurance. Your automobile insurance will usually supersede your health insurance based on the written terms in both the policies. For the injuries sustained in a collision, your PIP or the other party's liability coverage will usually become the primary coverage.

Usually the most complete coverage will come from the at-fault party's liability coverage. This compensation usually will include some money recovery for the pain, suffering, and inconvenience that the injured party has suffered from the collision. This benefit is in addition to recovery for your chiropractic and other health care provider expenses, your wage loss, property/automobile damage, and other out of pocket expenses. Even if the at-fault person is uninsured, your own coverage may include benefits called "uninsured coverage."

Be sure to check the declaration page on your automobile insurance policy. You should always seek legal advice to see if you have other coverage from third parties who may be at fault. Your attorney can offer invaluable assistance in navigating the insurance maze.

Peter J. Mozena, Attorney at Law may be reached at 4411 NE Tillamook St., PO Box 13039, Portland OR 97213, phone 503-493-9494. He also has an office in Vancouver, WA.

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Brain Longevity cover

All books and videos loaned free of charge. Some titles available for purchase.

Giving Your Brain A Boost!

Do you know someone suffering from Alzheimer's? Maybe you are having forgetful "senior moments"? There is hope for age related memory impairment. Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. shows you how to make positive change quickly. Read Brain Longevity and find out the practical steps you can start today. Recommended by Andrew Weil, M.D.

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spaceship graphic Lost in Space!

Help! The following materials worth over $300 are missing from Dr. Rick's Resource Library. Where in the universe did they go? Please help by returning them ASAP.

alien graphic Videos
  • Howard Lyman--Mad Cowboy
  • Leibenson--Safe Back Workout Video #2--Flexibility
  • Paul St. John, NMT--Whiplash and Cervical Pain
  • Paul St. John, NMT--Shoulder Pain
  • Paul Chek--Phenomenal Abdominals
  • Chiropractic Centennial--From Simple Beginnings
  • Dr. Twogood--No Milk
  • Derek Lipman--Stop Your Husband from Snoring

Your fellow patients and I greatly appreciate their return.

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Wellness Workshops Moved and Improved

Dr. Allen's 1/2 Hour to Health has been moved to 6:15 to 6:45 PM Thursdays each week starting in February:

Feb. 3 Boost Your Energy by 200%
Feb 10 Ritalin & Drug Free Kids
Feb 17Optimum Recovery from Your Car Accident
Feb 24Rocket-Fuel Nutrition-food prepared by a guest chef!

Empower Your Live with Chiropractic Knowledge and Care Each Week!

Dr. Allen lectures about wellness and other health-related topics. To attend a talk, or have him talk to your group, please call 503/257-1324.
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