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Extreme Pain to Wellness ...
Becky Crew's Story

I know Becky from our Toastmasters Club. A fall down a flight of stairs brought her into my office on an emergency basis. Aside from and compounding that unfortunate incident, Becky has chronic tightness in the upper back and pulling in the left shoulder. It plagued her for many years. She required an intensive combination of massage, Active Myofascial Release Techniques, electrical stimulation,ultrasound, chiropractic admustments and var=ious exercises. Her pain level was up to 10 (on a 1-10 scale). She's now a wellness patient.

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Another Happy Ending to Low Back and Shoulder Injuries

Patricia Taylor is happy! Her acute lower back pain has been resolved with combined treatment of the psoas and lower back muscles. Her partially frozen shoulder is coming along quite well with a combination of massage, active myofascial release, chiropractic adjustment and ultrasound.

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Sharon Wridge ... Swings Again!

By the time Ballroom dancer Sharon Wridge came to me with severe pain in her left shoulder, she had been unable to raise her left arm over her head for three months. Her medical doctor had injected two shots of cortisone in her left shoulder, prescribed ibuprofen, and sent her to physical therapy.

Sharon Wridge picture Three months later the physical therapist had not corrected the underlying problem. His recommended exercises made Sharon’s problem worse.

Her underlying problems:

  1. irritation of the rotator cuff tendons;
  2. adhesions under the shoulder blade;
  3. subluxation of the upper ribs;
  4. subluxation of associated trigger points in the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

A combination of chiropractic adjustment, massage, special active release techniques, and appropriate exercises brought Sharon around to good health. She can lift her arms over her head without pain and enjoys ballroom dancing, again. To ensure sustained good health Sharon is now a regular wellness patient.

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