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As Appearing in In Balance Magazine, Spring 1995

Cascade Wellness Clinic A Partnership Between Patient and Doctor

In an age of individualism, it is refreshing to find a partnership that is based on communication, physical well-being, and on-going support. Locating a practitioner that concurrently projects their experience with understanding the whole individual can become as discouraging as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. However, the visitor to Cascade Wellness Clinic will be pleasantly surprised.

Dr. Rick adjusting patient

Dr. Richard Allen will greet you at the door of his home-based practice located in a renovated 1920s Portland house. The effect is simultaneously friendly and professional as Dr. Allen emphasizes the partnership that occurs between patient and doctor. He often enumerates the important facet of working together to promote improved posture, diet, and a healthier lifestyle.

Patients who visit a chiropractor can expect similar treatment to that of the traditional doctor's office, but with important modifications. For example, a full case history is conducted prior to the exam, and patients report greater cost effectiveness than traditional medical care for some neuro-musculoskeletaI disorders.

Dr. Allen's holistic approach is reflected through his extensive experience and impressive accreditations. His clinical approach to a patient's care begins first with a work-up in which the patient's specific needs are identified through discussion of lifestyle and health history, then he proceeds to an adjustment to reestablish a targeted joint's full range of motion. At this time, Dr. Allen will apply gentle pressure on the spine to reduce pain and tension. Finally, non-invasive soft tissue work warms and loosens ligaments, nerves and muscles.

Dr. Allen offers a library of video tapes ranging from exercise to chiropractic medicine. This aids understanding and hence greater communication between patient and doctor. Further, Dr. Allen emphasizes the importance of maintenance -- the body is like a machine that should be monitored, tuned and maintained for optimal health and productivity. Dr. Allen will ascertain an individual's needs and work with the patient through regular established visits. He will consult with other health care professionals when further guidance is required for other conditions.

Interested in visiting Dr. Allen? His educational background and community involvement should be convincing. With a B.A. in Biology from Brown University, a Masters in Zoology from Washington State, a doctor of chiropractic degree from Western States Chiropractic College and massage therapy degree from SW Washington School of Massage, he is licensed in Oregon to practice massage therapy and chiropractic medicine. Dr.Allen shares his talents with his community. He has been involved in numerous bicycling, running and swimming events including eight consecutive years working with Cycle Oregon and two years spent working with both the Lake Oswego Swim Team, and Portland Center Stage. He has also acquired training in Wrangler SportsChiropractic Rodeo treatment.

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