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The Flu "Season"

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It is the time of year when we start hearing all the stories of how bad the flu season is going to be trying to scare us into having a flu shot and so I would like to present some facts about the flu:

  1. You will be told that 30,000 people die yearly from the flu
    a) Fact -Only about 800-1000 people will die from the flu, about 29,000 will die from pneumonia (most of these people were already immunocompromised and had been inoculated)

  2. 2You will be told the flu shot is especially necessary for the elderly
    a) Fact - NEJM 10 year retrospective study of people 65 and over showed absolutely no change in mortality rate in those with the flu inoculation and those without.

  3. You will be told that infants and children especially need the vaccine
    a) Fact - there are no double blind studies showing any benefit for flu vaccine in children

  4. You will be told that the vaccine contains the strains of flu that are most likely to be prevalent this year
    a) Fact - There are literally hundreds of strains of flu virus that annually infect people and only 2-3 usually in the vaccine. The CDC has been right about those 2-3 less than 20% of the time.

  5. You will be told that having the vaccine will reduce the severity of the symptoms if you do have the flu
    a) Fact - there are no studies showing that this is true. Anecdotally there is more evidence that shows you are more likely to be ill if you have the shot.

  • Fact - the flu occurs in people with lowered resistance, weakened immune systems and the majority of the people who contract the flu have had a flu inoculation.

  • Fact - preventing the flu is accomplished by a combination of:

    1. Getting adequate rest
    2. Dressing appropriately for the temperature
    3. Eating appropriately (low sugars and grains)
    4. Drinking adequate water
    5. Taking adequate Vit. D, Fish Oil and C daily
    6. Washing your hands frequently
    7. Avoiding people who already have the flu
    8. Having regular spinal adjustments

    The flu does not "attack you", you weaken your immune system, become exposed to the virus and allow it to infect you!

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