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Reprints of monthly column as first appearing in Instep Dance Magazine (no longer in print).

September 2003

Calling All Dogs

Presented by Rick Allen, DC

"Better health leads to better dancing."

Dr. Chet Zalasko of the Better Life Institute (BLI), whom I greatly respect, provided this common-sense advice in a recent newsletter. I made sure that our dog, Wolfgang, who is affectionately known as Woofie-tunes-the-super-dog, received this message and put it to use with Sharon and I so that we have better health and can dance for years to come. Hope you do the same. You can visit the BLI web site ( for lots of other good advice.

Dr. Rick and Wolfgang

NOTE: This Bulletin is written at a frequency only dogs can understand.

It's time to help your owner lose weight and get fit. You've known for a long time that a dog is the best exercise equipment a human can buy. Now it's time to prove it.

First thing in the morning, pick up your favorite ball and jump on your owners to get them to take you out. If they just open the door and don't get your leash, pout in front of the door and bounce the ball up and down. Eventually, they'll get the message. You have to be patient. They're only human.

When you get to your favorite park, don't let them just stay in one spot while you do all the work. When you retrieve the ball, take it to a different spot so they have to walk over to you. Then give them the ball and start again. An alternative is to let them get close and then take off running. Don't do it every time, or they'll get frustrated. They've forgotten how to play and you have to teach them slowly.

This is a big assignment, but you can do it. Remember--the better shape your owners are in, the more fun you'll have. They really need your help so don't let them down. Ruff, ruff!

- Dr. Chet

Be sure to check with your physician before attempting to change your body weight or before you begin this or any exercise program. Your healthcare provider should be your partner in your fitness goals.

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