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August 2001

Foot Supports Revisited: Orthotics for Ladies' High-Heeled Dance Shoes

By Rick Allen, DC

"Better health leads to better dancing."

Dance Shoe orthotic photo

It's been almost three years since I reviewed foot supports, technically called orthotics. (See Orthotics - Giving Your Feet A Lift - September - November 1998.) The material I presented then is still valid. This month I thought I would pass on another orthotic that I have found works well for the most challenging case: women's high-heeled dance shoes. The challenge is fitting a functional orthotic in a small shoe without it sticking out the side of the shoe.

Recently, I added a line of heat-moldable orthotics by Vasyli Orthotics, an internationally respected company based in Australia. The "slimfit" model is specifically designed to fit inside ladies' high-heeled shoes. The flexible base allows easy contouring to the shank of the shoe. The rear foot angle is reduced to 2 degrees, due to the high heel factor, while the broad metatarsal dome provides comfort and realignment of the forefoot area - a major complaint area for most high heel wearers.

I am currently seeking several additional ladies to try these at a minimal introductory cost of $75. (Most custom orthotics cost $150-300.) If you are interested, call my office at 503-257-1324.


Web site for Vasyli orthotics -

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