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December 2000

Two to Tango - Dan Timmons and Judy Campagna - Part 1

By Rick Allen, DC

"Better health leads to better dancing."

Shoulder and neck injuries can severely limit your activities, including dancing. Such was the case for Dan Timmons, a local dancer and dance instructor, specializing in Argentine Tango, who injured his shoulder and neck about five years ago. Fortunately, there is hope in most such cases, even when the injury has been long standing. Dan was so thrilled with the results he had with a combination of massage, active myofascial release, and chiropractic treatment over the past three months that he asked me to tell you about it and even offered to answer your questions about the treatment.

Dan Timmons Before


Dan injured his right shoulder and neck in 1995 when a folding table fell on him while he was working. The pain and restriction became so bad that he couldn't raise his right arm above his shoulder - half the normal range. It was so bad that he had to take an early retirement. Worst of all, he couldn't dance any dance that required raising his right arm - that's most dances!


Dan underwent many physical therapy treatments, including electrical stimulation and some superficial massage. He was told to do exercises at a sports gym, even though he didn't yet have a functional range of motion. When he didn't get better, the workers compensation system fought additional care and, eventually, closed the claim without resolution of the problem. Dan figured he would have to live with it.

Dan came to me about three months ago, in August 2000, at the suggestion of a fellow dancer, Judy Campagna, complaining of his ongoing problem. When I discovered the sticky adhesions under his right shoulder blade prevented him from lifting his arm, I started a combination of massage, active myofascial release, and chiropractic treatments two times per week for three weeks. I also adjusted the subluxations in his neck and back. I added specific exercises when he was ready for them. (The treatment was similar to that I provided for dancers Sharon Wridge and Mary Lou Griffith, whose treatment stories are also posted.)

Dan Timmons After


Within three visits, Dan told me, "I am able to raise my right arm higher than I had in over five years." After three months of care, Dan reports, "I can do all the dancing I want." He continues to get better with weekly treatments, exercises and, most importantly, dancing! In fact, a couple of weeks ago he and Judy took a trip to the coast on which they found a place to dance Argentine Tango. The local folks were so impressed, they asked them to teach a lesson! Bravo!

P.S. - Dan is available for questions at 360-737-1687 or

P.P.S. - Dan's leg cramps have almost vanished with deep massage and myofascial release of his calves.

Next article: Dan's tango partner, Judy Campagna, also has a story to tell.

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